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Aug 1, 2016

It's deep in the summer, and we're making a SIGNIFICANT ANNOUNCEMENT about the program...


Here's a quick, 10-minute episode to update you on what's happening with the IdeaCharger team and what to expect from us over the next few weeks. 


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Jul 12, 2016

Whether you need some tough love or simply a cathartic shove, Coach Jennie is known to be just the coach you've been seeking. 

Several years ago, I stumbled into an online Facebook group known as The Hungry Entrepreneurs.  Man, what a bunch of amazing people!  A huge number of us collaborated on the most amazing eBook ever "E-Books Suck! But they don't have to..."... In fact, if you'd like a copy, just CLICK THIS LINK (


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Some of the technology solutions discussed in this episode:


Success Charger Host Scott Cooksey is a Houston, Texas (USA) based consultant and speaker who works with organizations and teams who want to build lasting, profitable client relationships FASTER to generate bottom-line results NOW!  Learn more about Cooksey at


Jun 28, 2016

Okay, Success Chargers.  You're different.  You see opportunity where others only see roadblocks, but let's be honest about this one. 

What is wrong with simply having a "hobby".  Why does EVERYBODY seem to think they have to be "hustlin" or "grindin".  When really, so many of those same people, are just...well...."Strugglin".

Dan Pink's book, Free Agent Nation, rocked my world when I read it nearly 10 years ago.  In the text, he explains how the world is basically shifting from what we think of as a traditional employment world, to a "gig economy" world (I'm pretty sure "gig economy" is a newer term, but you get it, right?)  

There's only one problem.  Too many of the very companies who would prefer to pay for talent ONLY when they REALLY NEED IT, have build vast systems to support a "traditional business model" and they often find themselves ill-equipped to actually execute on a plan that the "gigsters" would LOVE.... Being able to work on projects as a free-agent on an "as-needed" basis with enough frequency to be able to effectively blend work with the lifestyle they prefer.  

I think we're on our way to seeing Pink's reality, it's just taking longer than many people would like.  Leaving many with a strong DESIRE to be a free agent stuck in a purgatory between what they really want and the harsh realities of the ever-expanding cost of living.  (Television used to only cost the price of the TV itself, you know....and it wasn't that long ago.  Now....$200+ month is not uncommon just for the "content".)

So this week, we beg the question, "Do you REALLY have a side hustle, or is that stuff you work on after work just a "hobby"....and by the way, there is NOTHING wrong with having a good ol' fashioned hobby.

Sound off at our FB page or drop us a quick note at and let us know.  

Does your side hustle make money?  Do you actually do anything for fun anymore, or are you  trying to "monetize" EVERYTHING you do?  Or, are you a hipster who still goes to coffee shops for the **gasp** actual coffee?  


Jun 21, 2016

Let's face it, people are either working very hard to get closer to you, or equally as hard to get away from you.

What we say (particularly how we say it) has tremendous impact on others willingness to connect with us in a meaningful way. 

In recent months, I've been facilitating some amazing discussions with leaders around the ideas coming out of the research of Dr David Rock.  Particularly, his brain-science model for explaining our threat/reward behaviors and what triggers them through use of a model he calls SCARF.

In this episode, Scott gets into an explanation of SCARF and how it opened up an even deeper way to explain HOW we connect with one another to build meaningful, productive relationships. 


Scott Cooksey works globally with business professionals to develop their ability to build profitable, lasting relationships by levering the power of connection. Learn more about having him speak for your industry event, conference, mastermind group, team or even one-on-one at



Jun 15, 2016

Fresh off the plane from a week-long business trip to Dubai, host Scott Cooksey shares his thoughts on this impressive, truly international city, what it has to offer, and how he was reminded of the Success Charger's view of prosperity. 

For photos from this remarkable trip, follow him on Instagram @CookseyConnects.  Don't forget to follow the show on twitter @IdeaCharger.


Scott Cooksey is a leadership development expert who regularly speaks and facilitates workshops with organizations interesting in building a better, more profitable business FASTER.  Learn more about Scott and how he can work with you at


May 24, 2016

Television media exposure is an instant credibility-builder for your business.  Why else would so many people compete so hard just get their idea showcased on Shark Tank...even when they DON'T do a deal with one of the sharks?!

Well for most of you, Shark Tank isn't exactly the golden ticket for your own business, yet television can still work wonders for you, too.  This week's interview features NYC-based media expert Jess Todtfeld who joins on the program to share what YOU can do right now and start gaining the exposure your business needs.

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May 17, 2016

Lori Harrison will gladly tell you she had no idea in the world she was building a business when she began sharing her story on Facebook to a bunch of her friends.  Today, she and her husband Jeddie Harrison are at the top of their game in a vibrant and successful business build on...well...southern charm and doing what seemed right.

Multi level marketing companies often receive a bad rap.  And while certainly there are some sketchy offerings in the "MLM" space, there ARE in fact several companies that do quite well.  Mary Kay Cosmetics comes to mind as a shining example of proof.  

I'm not here to say MLM is right for you.  It may very well not be.  The story I wanted to bring you, though, is one about authenticity, following your heart, and proof that sticking to your guns can make it possible to build a business...even if you don't realize that's what you are doing. For the entrepreneurial at heart, this is a story about "the dream" others around you cannot see.  The lifestyle you know is possible while others run the rat race.

In recent years, there is a newer player on the scene in Plexus.  Frankly, I didn't know much about who they were until some friends simply shared a "pink drink mix" dumped into a bottle of water while we were at their house.  While we didn't "buy in" as reps, I have to admit, some of the product has found its way into our house, and we use the supplements, too.  But that isn't what this story is about. 

When our friends here in Houston cornered me about someone I went to high school with in Oklahoma over two decades ago, I got more curious.  Turns out, it was in true Success Charger fashion, we booked her for an interview, and are bringing it to you here today!

We'll post a full set of show notes including some of her early YouTube testimonials, some links to her wildly popular Facebook page, and much more at (If you're an early downloader of this show, we may not have all the good stuff rounded up yet, so keep checking back).  In addition, on OUR YouTube page, we'll post the FULL UNCUT INTERVIEW VIDEO (It's about 90 minutes by itself and has a lot of laughs!)


May 10, 2016

Even with many years experience developing leaders, John Verdone was struggling to describe just exactly what he did for a living. That is, until one day, when he happened to catch a certain story unfolding on a PBS-like television show and it all clicked.  

In this interview, John stops by the podcast to share what a study he commissioned uncovered about what makes a great facilitator, when learning really begins for adults, and why everyone should incorporate facilitation skills to build deeper, more meaningful connections with co-workers, clients and in your life. 

Find the full show notes, including a link to the video that inspired John's "a-ha!" moment as well as this interview at


Host Scott Cooksey works with organizations and top leaders to help them build lasting, profitable business relationships FASTER.  He has lead leadership workshops around the globe since 2009, and regularly speaks at conferences like the last industry-specific one you attended!  Learn more about how Scott works with leaders and organizations like yours at 

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May 3, 2016

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Michael Walsh joins us for this week's episode as the co-founder and CEO of the first company to provide your family a health care coach to help manage the overwhelm of being a caretaker for aging and special needs family members.

Learn more about his company, Cariloop, at 

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Host Scott Cooksey is a leadership expert who regularly speaks at conferences, facilitates workshops and works one-on-one with people like you who want to build solid work teams and create lasting, profitable relationships with clients FASTER.  Learn more at 


Apr 26, 2016

Full show notes, additional links and comments from other listeners at:

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Dan Griffin is a speaker and author of A Man's Guide Through the Twelve Steps and A Man's Guide to Relationships.  Learn more about Dan at


Success Charger host Scott Cooksey is a leadership development expert who regularly works with business teams to become more productive, make more money and build lasting, profitable relationships with clients....FASTER!  Learn more at



Apr 12, 2016

For the full show notes, please visit

Advantages to Screen-to-Screen Selling Concepts Covered in this Interview:

  • Reduce/Eliminate Travel Expenses in your company
  • Increase effectiveness of leadership development efforts
  • Accelerate Team Performance
  • Make better decisions (at ALL levels of your organization) FASTER

Doug's Websites: (TONS of FREE RESOURCES) (Get Doug working with YOU!)


Technologies discussed:


Scott Cooksey (Host) is a motivational, keynote speaker & leadership development expert who works with organizations to build lasting, profitable client relationships and high-performing teams FASTER.

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Apr 5, 2016

In this quick hitting episode, we cover the Five Steps to Faster Success every business team can benefit from using. 

We are also releasing FOR FREE, a set of Five Graphics ( for each step) that you can use to build posters, tweet, share with your teams, put into a presentation....whatever you like - and here's where you can find them:

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Have a great week...






Mar 29, 2016

In the fifth grade, I "inherited" my older brother's trombone and joined the band at my elementary school. Three-quarters of the way through that year, my family uprooted from Tennessee to Oklahoma, and..well...the trombone physically made the trip, but I didn't keep going with the band.

In a story that sounded familiar, Jason LeVasseur began his rock-star journey as a saxophonist.  That quickly morphed into drums.  When he graduated high school, he knew the drums wouldn't be all that welcome in a dorm room, so he was gifted a guitar. Today, Jason lives out his dream as a troubadour &  front-man of "The Rock Star Project", an amazing experience he's been sharing with students and business groups across the country for years.

We caught up with Jason, while he was jamming out in his kitchen in front of a proud display of art created by his kids...who he credits as being the coolest band he's ever worked with!

Music touches the soul and Jason teaches us that EVERYONE is a member of a band and that we all CAN connect with our inner rock star, simply by choosing to do so.

This isn't another "everyone gets a trophy, juice box and an orange slice" story.  Its a reminder that we are all rock stars at heart and every day is an opportunity to showcase our talents in one of the many virtual bands of which we are all members.


Scott Cooksey delivers motivational, keynote speeches, conducts leadership development workshops and coaches business teams to build lasting, profitable client relationships faster.   Learn more at

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Mar 22, 2016

Companies today are facing a serious issue.

According to Pew Research Center, members of the Baby Boomer generation represent less than 35% of the total U.S. workforce. 

Of late, there has been a LOT of talk about the Millennials who now hold the title of the "largest percentage of the U.S. workforce". 

The problem is...this current downturn in large areas of the economy (read: energy sector, manufacturing, and more) is leading to an increasing number of early retirement and voluntary layoff packages being issued, further shrinking the number of vastly experienced people from some very complicated industries. 

A quick look at the media offers much attention for the ballyhooed Millennials, but are they ready to take the helm in YOUR company?

There is a better solution already present in your companies, and it's the ranks within Generation X.  

In this episode, host Scott Cooksey shares his insight gained from his experience working closely with the front-line leaders within these companies and shares some easy to implement tips EVERY COMPANY should be utilizing to help bridge the pending knowledge gap before it's too late. 


Scott Cooksey is a speaker and leadership consultant based in Houston, TX.  To learn more about having him present at your industry conference or work with your company, visit

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Mar 15, 2016

In this episode, Cooksey interview's Tip Jones of Overdrive Entertainment to learn:

  • The economic impact of entertainment events,
  • Why you should use a professional firm to manage your entertainment event,
  • How ticket pricing is set for concerts,
  • Just what exactly do all of those backstage people do?, 
  • Who are a few of the industry people who've left an unexpected impression on him, and
  • Tip helps us settle a decades old Cooksey family bet - YOU CAN WEIGH IN TOO BY VOTING HERE: CAST YOUR VOTE! (


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Mar 8, 2016

Over 100 years ago, this company was known as a distributor of industrial pumps.  Sexy, huh?  Today, DXP is known for that and much, much more by taking serious their relationships (READ: CONNECTIONS) seriously...creating $1.2 BILLION in sales during FY 2015.  Not too bad.

This week, we flip the script by listening in while Success Charger Podcast host Scott Cooksey gets interviewed by Curt Tueffert, Vice President of Sales Development for an internal podcast known as "DXP Sales Radio".

With a sales force spread out across a broad geographic area, getting everyone who needs to hear an important message is tough to coordinate.  With their internal show, DXP Sales Radio, Tueffert is able to get a consistent message to his force of consulting sales professionals, no matter what.  

Often interviewing outside experts, Curt was curious how DXP's sales force could benefit in sales AND leadership by applying am emphasis of connection, each and every day.  

We had so much fun recording the interview, I asked (and was granted) special permission to share our recording with you, the Success Charger listener.  I hope you'll enjoy it!

If you like this, please share it with your management, sales leader, and colleagues.  Connection is a skill that can and will benefit EVERY organization.  

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Mar 1, 2016

Find the FULL SHOW NOTES which include the article mentioned in the show at

Podcast host Scott Cooksey is an expert who speaks regularly for corporate and association events on the leveraging the power of connection to build lasting, profitable client relationships NOW!  Learn more about hiring him for your next event at

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Thanks for listening!



Feb 23, 2016

Several years ago, while I was presenting for a very challenging client in Chicago, IL, a man with a tremendously addictive smile sat in the back of the room.  At the end of the day, he approached me with great enthusiasm for a successfully facilitated day I had just delivered.  A connection was made...and in this episode, I reconnect with Andy Kaufman, PMP to discuss the art and opportunity of successfully managing projects.

If you think project management is boring...This episode is going to change your mind about projects and project managers.  It is JAM PACKED with solid ideas anyone can use to become more effective at almost anything you do!

In this high-energy episode, we discuss many aspects of projects including:

  • Why you SHOULD talk about risks...and how often,
  • Using the "Two Week Rule" for checkpoints,
  • How projects are influenced by the psychology of pursuasion,
  • Navigating the "Planning Fallacy",
  • Book recommendations and
  • Much, much more....

Andy regularly works with project managers and project teams to maximize their impact during all phases of projects. He is host of the People and Projects Podcast and developer of e-Learning courses for various aspects of projects, including the basics almost ANYONE can benefit from learning. During the interview, he generously offers a discount for listeners of this podcast episode!

To take advantage of Andy's eLearning discount code, you'll find a special link at 

To learn more about Andy Kaufman, check out his website at

Check out all the details about his podcast AND how you can earn continuing education credits for project management at:


Feb 9, 2016

There's an old adage which offers a subtle reminder of just how easy it is to "walk past a dollar to pick up a dime".  If you do not know what your time is worth, this is especially easy to do...all the while thinking you are doing something smart to protect what you've already earned.  

In this episode, Cooksey sheds some light on this simple (and often costly) mistake, and shares FIVE easy to implement rules to establish value on your time, and leverage it to make more income NOW.

Get the full notes at

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Feb 2, 2016

To earn the rewards, you have to be willing to do the work, but sometimes, it just feels overwhelming. 

In this episode, Scott pays forward a tip shared with him from a trusted colleague that had grossed him THOUSANDS of dollars a year for well-over two decades!

[I tested this idea last week, and saw immediate momentum in the right direction within the first few hours. DO THIS NOW....I explain the entire, simple, two step plan in this week's hard-hitting episode of SuccessCharger! - Scott]


Jan 26, 2016

In July of 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed into law the Morrill Land Grant Act as a sweeping effort to create agricultural colleges across the United States.  In 1890, a full 17 years before Oklahoma was to become a state, the institution now known as Oklahoma State University was established in Stillwater, OK.

In December 2015, I had the opportunity to sit down with the Chris Batchelder, President & CEO of the Oklahoma State University Alumni Association. In short, this interview was a lot of fun.

While the conversation begins with some context of the current state of Oklahoma State University today (27,000+ students; huge influx of out-of-state enrollment; excitement, and so much more), we quickly dove deep into the role of the modern-day alumni association. 

The primary role of any alumni association is connection.  For those of you who have heard me speak, attended one of my leadership workshops, or regularly listen to the podcast, you have heard me say time and again that "connection" IS the most important skill every person should master.  

Here's just a few highlights from the interview:

  • How alumni associations can partner with the athletic department of their school to do more than just ask for money
  • the new travel partnership exclusively for OSU Alumni Association members (
  • The unique role (and signficant differences) of university foundations, athletic departments and alumni associations
  • How alumni associations are serving the career transition needs of seasoned employees (not just recent graduates)
  • so much more!

The OSUAA is alive and well with over 105 active chapters and "watch party" groups serving it's base.  Did you know that 80% of Oklahoma State alumni members live within 50 miles of an active group?  

Are you active in your own Alumni Association?  What is your experience with Corporate Alumni Groups?  How do YOU stay connected with others who have a common, emotional bond to a time or place?  We want to hear!  Share your stories and associations below!

To book Scott Cooksey to speak or lead a workshop at your organization, check out!

Jan 19, 2016

Building on the momentum of recent weeks, in Episode 24, host Scott Cooksey shares how 2016 is off and running with intention and purpose.

Sharing how he practices what he suggests on the show, Cooksey reveals his "ONE BIG GOAL" for this year, shares what he is doing differently to achieve it, and why making time for your family and loved ones is important NOW....while you are building the life and business you really want.

One important fact to remember is that "nobody is responsible for your success but you" and further more, it is not anyone else's responsibility to make sure YOU get what YOU want. 

The only question that remains is: What will you DO about it. 

The simple questions and steps you need to take are all included in this podcast episode. Just remember that you don't have to be perfect right away, but you MUST move the needle in the right direction. 

Share YOUR "Big Goal" for 2016 in the show notes at and if you haven't listened to Episodes 21-23, and you're at the point of wanting to (re)gain control of your own life and business, this would be a great time to give these lessons a listen.

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Jan 12, 2016

This week's episode is short on show notes, but HUGE on energized thinking. 

Listen in as Scott checks in from the road, on the eve of his first client workshop of the year. 

We will be talking about his concerns surrounding the current trend toward "big data" and how it seems to be driving lot of questionable tactics in business; password frustrations & how a recent, ill-advised laptop purchase reminded him how much his network was really worth....and prompted a new "hide the electronics when irritated" policy for 2016. 

It's fast.  It's furious.  It will hit home for you.  

Give it a listen and leave your comments on the show page at or email Scott at



Scott Cooksey works with organizations and individuals to (re)energize their business and more rapidly produce profitable, lasting client relationships through a variety of offerings.  Find out how Scott can work with you or your team at and, of course, keep listening to the show!  


Jan 5, 2016

Welcome to 2016!  Following a little downtime with family over the Christmas and New Year's break, I didn't originally plan to release an episode this week, but alas....I was completely inspired by the blatant lack of great customer service from a major airline during my travels.

Let me be clear.  I have had some WONDERFUL customer service experiences from a number of travel and related service industries.  Everything from the unexpected free rental car in Little Rock from National Car Rental (I'm just glad they didn't call the police because the SUV I was driving was technically "missing") to the presidential suite upgrade at the Marriott in south Texas (the only perk of checking in after midnight followed by an early departure later that morning) to the exceptional on-board service from Judy McClure (of then Continental Express airline).

Here is my ORIGINAL POST about Judy.  

Here is the FOLLOW UP...three years later (Yep....Judy did it AGAIN!)

This holiday, however, even in the midst of multiple social media posts (one including my preschool daughter asleep on the floor next to her tablet...exhausted from the delay - and THAT was JUST TO DROP OUR BAGS BEFORE SECURITY!)

You are not responsible for HOW your customers wind up at your doorstep or WHAT HAPPENED to them before you arrived, but YOUR RESPONSE WILL DETERMINE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.  There is only one word you need to master: EMPATHY.

[This podcast includes a live recording FROM THE AIRPORT with all the details of a horrible this posting I am STILL WAITING for United Airlines to take me up on the offer to meet with them at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport. [I made the offer in the "what else do you want us to know about your experience on December 28th, 2015 - phone number, email and offer to drive 22 miles to the airport to meet with them.]

Share your travel horror story:

On Facebook:

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Dec 29, 2015

Find the Full Show Notes Post at


"We become the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time."

- Attributed to so many different people on the internet, let's just accept this as FACT, shall we?

A couple of years ago, I committed to meet with a group of colleagues who are all speakers, facilitators, and experts of various topics on a monthly basis.  While our businesses were, by trade, quite similar, how we each go about running them varies somewhat.  Each of us is at a different stage of maturity with our business (some might argue in general as well)...but committing to get together regularly and hold each other accountable for progress has proven a worthwhile exercise. Over these last two years, we have seen the ups and downs of one another's practices, and been there to lend support, friendship, ideas and sometimes just a listening ear.

One of the members of my group is a sales leadership consultant, speaker and fellow podcaster, Jim Jacobus.  In fact, it was Jim who challenged the members of our group to each launch a podcast of our I owe him a THANK YOU on behalf of each of the listeners of the Success Charger Podcast for his encouragement for me to even launch the show in the first place.

I am a listener of Jim's Podcast, and in a 4-part series he started on November 19th, 2015, he has again encouraged me to raise the bar.

Sometimes it is just better to send you to the source, than try to explain what I learned for myself.  My challenge to you this week is to download and listen to the four-episode series Jim produced on the "Four Questions You Should Ask Yourself Each Year".

Here are the links to the episodes on Jim's Podcast, and I hope you'll find them as helpful as I did.  (HINT:  If you are short on time and just want to cut to the chase, he does a nice, albeit brief, recap on the fourth episode....but I'd recommend listening to all four.  They are about 20 or so minutes each.)

You can also find these on iTunes Podcasts: Search for "In The Sales Arena" or via this link (Epsiodes 64-67)

  1. Four Questions to Ask Yourself
  2. What is Not Working for You and How Can You Make It Start Working?
  3. What New Thing Do You Want To Do In 2016?
  4. What Are You Going to do in 2016 That is BIG?

Listen with the links above, download them for that trip to the in-laws, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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