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Dec 29, 2015

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"We become the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time."

- Attributed to so many different people on the internet, let's just accept this as FACT, shall we?

A couple of years ago, I committed to meet with a group of colleagues who are all speakers, facilitators, and experts of various topics on a monthly basis.  While our businesses were, by trade, quite similar, how we each go about running them varies somewhat.  Each of us is at a different stage of maturity with our business (some might argue in general as well)...but committing to get together regularly and hold each other accountable for progress has proven a worthwhile exercise. Over these last two years, we have seen the ups and downs of one another's practices, and been there to lend support, friendship, ideas and sometimes just a listening ear.

One of the members of my group is a sales leadership consultant, speaker and fellow podcaster, Jim Jacobus.  In fact, it was Jim who challenged the members of our group to each launch a podcast of our I owe him a THANK YOU on behalf of each of the listeners of the Success Charger Podcast for his encouragement for me to even launch the show in the first place.

I am a listener of Jim's Podcast, and in a 4-part series he started on November 19th, 2015, he has again encouraged me to raise the bar.

Sometimes it is just better to send you to the source, than try to explain what I learned for myself.  My challenge to you this week is to download and listen to the four-episode series Jim produced on the "Four Questions You Should Ask Yourself Each Year".

Here are the links to the episodes on Jim's Podcast, and I hope you'll find them as helpful as I did.  (HINT:  If you are short on time and just want to cut to the chase, he does a nice, albeit brief, recap on the fourth episode....but I'd recommend listening to all four.  They are about 20 or so minutes each.)

You can also find these on iTunes Podcasts: Search for "In The Sales Arena" or via this link (Epsiodes 64-67)

  1. Four Questions to Ask Yourself
  2. What is Not Working for You and How Can You Make It Start Working?
  3. What New Thing Do You Want To Do In 2016?
  4. What Are You Going to do in 2016 That is BIG?

Listen with the links above, download them for that trip to the in-laws, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Dec 22, 2015

Read the full text of this companion article to today's podcast at 

Stop Setting Goals

If you have been in business for very long, then you most certainly have experienced the typical “next year, our goal is to do more!” Or, “this year, our goal will be $X million dollars in sales!” [A number seemingly pulled out of thin air, or worse...a number simply a percentage greater than last year's total.]  This is precisely the reason you should never set goals.  Let me explain.

“More” is not a strategy!

There is no creativity in goal setting today.  Too often, what often gets construed as strategic planning, is not much more than wishful thinking.  In short, people are lazy.

Activity Alleviates Anxiety

Filled with desire to achieve a new result, do you ever feel paralyzed & uncertain what to do?  Research indicates that learning occurs in four stages (Read:  Unconscious Competence- A Lesson From Sesame Street). To first learn a new skill, or achieve a new result, one must first take a new action to discover that you likely don’t know what you don’t know- and you need awareness to turn that newly discovered knowledge into action from which you can learn.  Once you took that first step, did the outcome bring you closer to or farther from your desired result?  Adjust. Try again.  It certainly beats the analysis paralysis which prevents so many people from experiencing a change in the outcome of their efforts.  Do something, even if it is wrong!

Where SHOULD You Focus?

To achieve big results, you must have a vision.  What would be different if you achieved success? How would it look? Feel? Smell?  What would people notice most about you?


Recent, widely-quoted research seems to suggest that mastery of a skill occurs once you have exercised that skill for 10,000 hours.  Becoming an “expert” is a  lofty goal. [For those counting at home that is spending 12 hours a day, every day, for 27 months; or by spending 30 minutes a day for nearly 55 years-if you have that kind of time.]  No matter your level of commitment each day, proficiency in any skill only comes from experience.  There are no shortcuts!

Focus on building new behaviors...

ACTION:  Share a big goal publicly with others as a motivator to keep yourself accountable.  Take a minute and describe your big vision below.  Even if nobody reaches out to you to check your progress, YOU will remember it was posted here and the discomfort of complacency will encourage you to take action each day.

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Dec 15, 2015

"Setting goals doesn't change results.  Establishing healthy behaviors changes everything!" - Scott Cooksey

When inspiration (or often the promise of a new year) hits us, it is common to set new goals. Make resolutions. Vow to change or simply do something different.  On the surface, it suggests what we want is something better than what we already have (read: more desirable results), what we are REALLY asking for, though, is behavioral change and a re-set of expectations.  

Inspired by my own difference of interpretation of an innocuous social media post, I started thinking.  So often, companies, teams, and organizations are misguided by the notion of goal setting.  

In this episode, Cooksey sets it all straight with a better way to look at goals, and why setting them isn't exactly the best idea....sort of. 

[This idea continues in Episode 20. Available on 12/22/2015]

What one, signficant behavioral change do you pledge to make in the coming year?  Post it up below and make it real!

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Dec 8, 2015

Cooksey shares what happened when he drove 40 miles to a lunch meeting, only to find out the scheduled speaker ...well, you'd better just listen to what happened so it won't happen to you. 

This episode shares 5 filters you should apply before attending your next meeting:

  1. Is it a required meeting? Depending on the context, why it might be fruitful to simply skip it.
  2. Did you call the meeting? Find the balance between "advance notice" and "last minute cancellation" and when either might be more appropriate.
  3. Is the topic relevant to you? How to avoid being in attendance for a meeting that really does not demand your participation or have any relevance for you.
  4. Who else to expect to attend the meeting?  Sometimes it is less about the meeting and more about your fellow attendees.
  5. Geography - My "two meetings or I'll pass" rule and when you should use it.

Based on a article previously published by Scott Cooksey now available in it's entirety at

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Dec 1, 2015

Timeless advice is...well...good forever.  No matter how this year is shaping up (there's only a few weeks left), or what you have in store for next year (you have one month to get ready), there are only three simple steps you need to know to set the course for what happens next for your life and your business. 

  1. RESET - Learn the lessons from the past, identify what you could have done differently and how you can build the road ahead with the benefit of honest hindsight.
  2. RELOAD - Turn the lessons from the past into deliberate, intentional actions in your immediate future.  By moving TOWARD your goals, you are redefining where you are headed. 
  3. ROCK OUT! - Once the plan is in place, it is up to you to execute on that plan...and it all starts with the first step (and some rockin' celebrations along the way)!

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Nov 24, 2015

QUOTE:  "The biggest rookie mistake in sales is working hard to finally get to a point where you can ask for the sale...only to blow it with a one-dimensional pitch!" - Scott Cooksey


When the pressure to create income is high, it is easy to let emotion take over...only to sabotage your success with a one-dimensional pitch.  In this episode, Host Scott Cooksey shares techniques you can apply immediately to shift the conversation with prospects and clients from "Do you want to buy this product/service from me today?" to "Here are some options for how we could best work together as we move forward."


  • See how the IdeaCharger team structures our own offerings using this game-changing approach here: 
  • If you haven't watched it in a while, Wall Street with Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas features a famous cat-and-mouse sales effort by the eager Bud Fox (Sheen) as he pursues "the whale" (Douglas). 

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Nov 17, 2015


QUOTE:  "If your 'system' is preventing great service for your clients, don't be surprised when they head for the door." - Scott Cooksey


  • Craft value-added services FOR FREE that attract more business without sacrificing your integrity.
    • Examples from financial services and professional services providers
  • Sometimes going "old school" and getting present with your audience, clients, or prospects is all it takes to draw them into your business.  Stop killing them with PowerPoint (R) slides!


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Nov 10, 2015

In 2001, Darren LaCroix outlasted over 20,000 competitors from around the globe to become the World Champion of Public Speaking. In Toastmasters circles, Darren's story is quite well known.  In this interview, however, Scott Cooksey asks Darren, one of his earliest mentors in the business of speaking to pull back the curtains not on how he achieved his climb to the top, but the grit it takes to stay there.  Add in just a dash of what YOU can do to become your own champion of fulfilling success on your terms (Hint: It involves finding a mentor)..because the road to authenticity is not an easy one to navigate alone.


QUOTE:  "A little bit of effort in the right direction will outperform a lot of effort in the wrong direction." - Darren LaCroix


  • Darren's Math to Mastery Equation states "Effort X Direction = Mastery"
  • There are two kinds of feedback,
    • Anyone can share how a story or action made them think or feel,but
    • Not everyone is qualified to provide coaching to improve.
  • Why there is no substitute for "stage time" in your chosen pursuit
  • Worse than taking no advice, is taking advice from people who are only 1/2 step ahead of you. 




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Nov 3, 2015

Michael Sunnarborg is an Amazon top-selling author with a number of books under his belt.  His latest, entitled "The White Box Club" launches on November 6, 2015. This week, Scott caught up with Michael on Blab (Click here for the unedited, full recording of the interview) to discuss just what exactly The White Box Club is all about, how you become a member, and why every member's ultimate goal is the get OUT of the club!

QUOTE: "Sometimes you just don't know who you are until someone shows you." - Michael Sunnarborg


           **These are affiliate links, but it doesn't add a penny to your cost!



  • Three Steps to Balance: 1) Awareness 2)Alignment 3) Activation
  • There is power in shared experiences, especially in times of transition
  • Your resilience is defined not by what happens, but how you react to it!
  • Sometimes giving yourself a "white box' is honoring yourself.


  • Keep the pedal to the metal and finish 2015 have 60 days left - that is 1/6 of the year! It is time to build massive momentum for 2016 and you, Success Charger, are about to catapult past your biggest competitors!
  • If you are in transition, seek out or CREATE your own White Box Club Meetup
  • Become keenly aware of your current situation (for example, on the career front); Next, ask yourself (and honestly answer) if you are in alignment with what is truly of value to you; Finally, take ACTION to reinforce or correct the course of action you are currently on.
  • Pick up a copy of The White Box Club on November 6th (Link above) for yourself or someone you know.

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Oct 27, 2015

Craig Price, leadership and negativity speaker, podcaster & Comic-Con panel facilitator trekked over to the IdeaCharger Studios in The Woodlands, TX to talk negativity and why it matters to people who succeed.  

QUOTE:  "I want to plow right through any obstacles because I am already prepared for them." - Craig Price

STORY: Craig's unique perspective on the world turns many popular views on success around and looks at them from, well, a different angle. One worth a second look!  We cover topics from "unicorn farts" (A technical term....and a first for this podcast) to breaking down how Craig can get past his introverted nature to better maintain lasting profitable relationships with his clients. 

CHALLENGE:  Embrace negativity by separating it from the oft-confused concept of fatalistic thinking.


  1. Make it a practice to ask the tough questions like "what would happen if..." rather than just nodding in agreement as quickly.
  2. Listen to Scott Cooksey as he is interviewed about Connection on REALITY CHECK with CRAIG PRICE podcast HERE or check out the show notes and stream HERE  (Episode 182)

 BOOK: Half a Glass: The Realists Guide by Craig Price

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Oct 20, 2015

Jimmy Monk is a Pittsburgh, PA-area based speaker and trainer who has also spent the past two decades as a Trooper with the PA State Police.  He (virtually) drops by to discuss his perspectives on overcoming failure and explains how we can all re-frame failure to discover opportunities to move ahead.


GUEST:  Jimmy Monk

QUOTE:  "The more experience you have, the better you are at connecting with people."  - Jimmy Monk

STORY:  Jimmy shares stories from his law enforcement career and ties them to points we should all understand about leveraging compassion, empathy, vulnerability and being more genuine to be more encouraging to people around us each and every day. 

CHALLENGE:  Look again at past failures and discover the rich lessons within - for everyone involved.  


  1. Begin to journal daily and turn everyday failures into rich learning moments to unleash powerful positive results in your life and be a better guide for other important people in your life.
  2. Listen to Scott Cooksey's interview on REALITY CHECK with CRAIG PRICE podcast HERE or check out the show notes and stream HERE 


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Oct 13, 2015

This weekend, I shamelessly spend a TON of time hanging out with my daughter, so you are getting a QUICK CHARGE idea to take action on this week to grow your business. Next week, we should be back on track with another interview, but THIS EPISODE might be your game changer to finish 2015 with a FULL CHARGE!

QUOTE:  In order to grow your business faster, I suggest the key is to GIVE MORE AWAY FOR FREE!

SURVEY: There's still time to participate in our Podcast Survey. CLICK HERE to add your'll only take about 63 seconds!

STORY:  How one shady marketer's email reminded me how much your business means to YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENTS and what you can do about it to get more business NOW!

MENTIONS:  David Newman @dnewman on Twitter /
                  Darren LaCroix @darrenlacroix on Twitter /

CHALLENGE: Create a way to GIVE AWAY a version of what you do to attract new clients:  write a blog, record a podcast (QUICK TIP: email this show about being a guest...I'll help you!), hold a free webinar, teleseminar, or live event just to EDUCATE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE

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Oct 6, 2015

Welcome to Episode 9!  This week, Cooksey sits down with Jason Wright, Territory Sales Manager for All Covered (IT Services from Konica Minolta). 

Let us know what you think of today's show, ask questions, suggest topics, rant, rave, just say hello: or stop by our Facebook page.  We'd LOVE to hear from you!



QUOTE:  "Be a power networker. It will help you no matter your industry." ; from CONNECT! 77 Idea Chargers to Generate High Voltage Results TODAY

NOTABLE:  Hear the incredible story of how a Houston, TX-based IT services company stuck to it's guns and worked (intentionally) against the grain to generate success & rise to the top of the heap during and after it's aquisition by a newly-consolidated IT services arm of Konica Minolta, All Covered. Hear how this territory's sales immediately jumped to the top of 20 territories and continues to set the bar....with fewer people than many others within their firm- without sacrificing quality of their deliverables!


INTERVIEW:  Jason Wright, Territory Sales Manager shares three key perspectives on sales success:  1)  The importance of measuring referral-focused KPIs (key performance indicators) in your business; 2)  Networking the right way to create opportunities before your buyers even know it; 3)  Leveraging strategic alliances to create win-win partnerships with others in a "nearby space" to what your company does best!

REFERENCED:  Jim Collin's book "Good to Great" ; Simon Sinek's Golden Circle TED Talk 


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Sep 29, 2015

Success Charger Podcast has reached it's 8th episode! That means we have passed the point where a majority of podcasts have already packed it in, given up, and gone home....Not us, we are JUST GETTING STARTED!

QUOTE:  "Seek out and follow thought leaders. Emulate their actions without copying. Your status will rise." - from CONNECT! 77 Idea Chargers to Generate High Voltage Results TODAY!

NOTABLE:  Thanks to YOU, Success Chargers, the show has officially gone GLOBAL! Through last week, we have had hundreds of downloads from over 8 countries...with only 64% of a recent episode downloaded in the United States!

INTERVIEW:  Scott sits down this week with Mike LeJeune for an insightful discussion about Simple Leadership.

STATISTIC:  A global survey commissioned by the American Management Association and conducted by the Human Resources Institute (2013) reports only 3% senior managers suggest their organizations are very successful at executing strategy.  62% say organization is "moderate or worse". [This note corrects the 68% statistic Cooksey quotes during the interview.]

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Connect with Mike LeJeune:

Twitter: @RecruitTheBest

Google: Mike LeJeune


Sep 22, 2015


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About 10 years ago, Jason Jump had stepped out of a coaching career, and was looking for his next challenge.  In a time before smart phones, he spotted a void in the sports media world that was overlooked and launched a website built to serve the athletes, families, and fans of private & Christian schools in the state of Texas.

A few short years ago, Jason traded his successful digital livelihood based in Houston, Texas, for something unexpected…a community print newspaper in rural Kansas.

Listen in to this incredible interview with a man who loves his family, his community, his life…and his newspaper!  We explore how print news plays such a critical role in sustaining rural communities in the midwestern United States.

Success Chargers like you define success and happiness your OWN way…and Jason shares his story of the satisfaction of making old things new again.

For Jason, be sure to follow:


·         @KCNONLINE on Twitter (Kingman County News)

· (Home of the Kingman Leader-Courier)

·         @LSCSN – Lone Star Christian Sports Network

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Sep 15, 2015

Jeremy Bradford, Executive Director of Face2Face Foundation, a Dallas, TX-based foundation leverages technology and offers critically-ill children an opportunity to connect with their guessed it Face2Face.

Hear the story of how it all began, several of the success stories-to-date, and how you can support this amazing foundation.

More importantly, each year NorthTexasGivingDay sweetens the pot for this and nearly 2000 additional non-profits for donations collected via THEIR website. 

Watch an incredible video, learn more about Face2Face and donate at their website,

Participate with North Texas Giving Day (an annual event - at this release, the upcoming date is Sept 17th, 2015 - just two days after this podcast is released!).  Visit for more details. 


TWITTER: TheFace2Face

FACEBOOK: TheFace2FaceFoundation


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Sep 8, 2015

This week's episode extends directly from page 28 of Connect: 77 Idea Chargers to Generate High-Voltage Results TODAY, with a vital reminder:

While it is easy to justify what we do, the most important aspect of our business is to remember WHY we do it!  This quick episode sets it all straight for you, as you step back to remember why you agreed to this crazy business life in the first place.


On a side note, I hope you heard Episode 4's interview with Patrick Allmond from  If you missed it, be sure to grab the download. If you are subscriber to this show, it may already be in your downloads.  Take a listen.  Patrick dubbed it "a podcast so dangerous, the cops showed up"...You will just have to listen. 

Also, please stop by Patrick's podcast homepage for a link and all of the details.

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Sep 1, 2015

In this week's episode, Cooksey checks in with Patrick Allmond ( from the patio outside of a coffee shop in Oklahoma City, OK.

Dubbed "perhaps the worlds most DANGEROUS podcast episode", Patrick and Scott dive into the one habit that stops so many people in their tracks when it comes to their pursuit of success - DOING NOTHING.  

Patrick is the Founder of (a collaborative site designed for independent-minded people like YOU).  He also regularly posts shows to his YouTube Channels- you should subscribe!  Also, you can find him on a number of social media platforms, especially "the Twitter" @PatrickAllmond

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Aug 25, 2015

In this episode, we dive into the topic of becoming an invaluable resource within your area of expertise as only a Success Charger can!

We discuss:

  • Sales statistics you MUST understand before connecting online
  • How to leverage the online (and offline) connections you already have to increase your status on LinkedIn & other social media platforms
  • The importance of responding promptly to connection requests, and
  • How to build your status online AFTER to get CONNECTED.

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Aug 18, 2015

Your definition of "team" may be limited the reach of your impact and ability to deliver sustainable, profitable results in your business.  

Whether you see yourself in a sales role or not, we are ALL in sales.  Selling our expertise - whether as a tangible product or intangible ideas & deliverables.


Learn how shifting your mindset can raise your value within your organization and generate success!

Aug 14, 2015

Average salespeople are inherently lazy.  Successful salespeople work smart.  Which one are you?

Activating your Success Charger means you have to do the work.  Scott shares a REAL STORY from one of his past clients and how YOU CAN AVOID THE SAME CRITICAL MISTAKE.  

Do your networking and sales efforts build connections, or just grow your business card collection?

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Aug 13, 2015

Welcome to Success Charger!

This Podcast is geared for you...that success-minded, out of the box thinker who is simply wired a little differently than those around you. 

Upcoming epsiodes will include techniques, tips, wisdom, interviews and much more all aimed to help you:

  • Become a sought-after resource within your industry
  • (re)Ignite the fire of innovation in your team
  • Create mind-blowing results that spread like wildfire
  • Develop driven, productive teams who generate REAL RESULTS NOW
  • Deliver projects on budget, on time, with top quality results
  • Host meetings that rock and turn productivity log-jams into inspired jam-sessions
  • Exhibit rock-solid leadership in all aspects of your life

If that sounds good to you, then WELCOME HOME!

Learn more about the podcast, meet our host, Scott Cooksey at

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Aug 12, 2015

Anouncing the arrival of the Success Charger Podcast!

Launching August 2015