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Success Charger is home to you, the independent-minded; square peg in a round hole; success-driven; outside-the-box thinker/leader who is hard-wired to generate results from any opportunity without being shorted out by darn near anything that gets in your way. If this sounds like you, then this Podcast will offer concepts, ideas, interviews and inspiration so you can: * Become a sought-after resource within your industry * (re)Ignite the fire of innovation in your team * Create mind-blowing results that spread like wildfire * Develop driven, productive teams who generate REAL RESULTS NOW * Deliver projects on budget, on time, with top quality results * Host meetings that rock and turn productivity log-jams into inspired jam-sessions * Exhibit rock-solid leadership in all aspects of your life and much, much more! Learn more about the movement and the podcast at
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Apr 5, 2016

In this quick hitting episode, we cover the Five Steps to Faster Success every business team can benefit from using. 

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Mar 8, 2016

Over 100 years ago, this company was known as a distributor of industrial pumps.  Sexy, huh?  Today, DXP is known for that and much, much more by taking serious their relationships (READ: CONNECTIONS) seriously...creating $1.2 BILLION in sales during FY 2015.  Not too bad.

This week, we flip the script by listening in while Success Charger Podcast host Scott Cooksey gets interviewed by Curt Tueffert, Vice President of Sales Development for an internal podcast known as "DXP Sales Radio".

With a sales force spread out across a broad geographic area, getting everyone who needs to hear an important message is tough to coordinate.  With their internal show, DXP Sales Radio, Tueffert is able to get a consistent message to his force of consulting sales professionals, no matter what.  

Often interviewing outside experts, Curt was curious how DXP's sales force could benefit in sales AND leadership by applying am emphasis of connection, each and every day.  

We had so much fun recording the interview, I asked (and was granted) special permission to share our recording with you, the Success Charger listener.  I hope you'll enjoy it!

If you like this, please share it with your management, sales leader, and colleagues.  Connection is a skill that can and will benefit EVERY organization.  

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Oct 13, 2015

This weekend, I shamelessly spend a TON of time hanging out with my daughter, so you are getting a QUICK CHARGE idea to take action on this week to grow your business. Next week, we should be back on track with another interview, but THIS EPISODE might be your game changer to finish 2015 with a FULL CHARGE!

QUOTE:  In order to grow your business faster, I suggest the key is to GIVE MORE AWAY FOR FREE!

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STORY:  How one shady marketer's email reminded me how much your business means to YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENTS and what you can do about it to get more business NOW!

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Oct 6, 2015

Welcome to Episode 9!  This week, Cooksey sits down with Jason Wright, Territory Sales Manager for All Covered (IT Services from Konica Minolta). 

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QUOTE:  "Be a power networker. It will help you no matter your industry." ; from CONNECT! 77 Idea Chargers to Generate High Voltage Results TODAY

NOTABLE:  Hear the incredible story of how a Houston, TX-based IT services company stuck to it's guns and worked (intentionally) against the grain to generate success & rise to the top of the heap during and after it's aquisition by a newly-consolidated IT services arm of Konica Minolta, All Covered. Hear how this territory's sales immediately jumped to the top of 20 territories and continues to set the bar....with fewer people than many others within their firm- without sacrificing quality of their deliverables!


INTERVIEW:  Jason Wright, Territory Sales Manager shares three key perspectives on sales success:  1)  The importance of measuring referral-focused KPIs (key performance indicators) in your business; 2)  Networking the right way to create opportunities before your buyers even know it; 3)  Leveraging strategic alliances to create win-win partnerships with others in a "nearby space" to what your company does best!

REFERENCED:  Jim Collin's book "Good to Great" ; Simon Sinek's Golden Circle TED Talk 


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Aug 25, 2015

In this episode, we dive into the topic of becoming an invaluable resource within your area of expertise as only a Success Charger can!

We discuss:

  • Sales statistics you MUST understand before connecting online
  • How to leverage the online (and offline) connections you already have to increase your status on LinkedIn & other social media platforms
  • The importance of responding promptly to connection requests, and
  • How to build your status online AFTER to get CONNECTED.

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Aug 14, 2015

Average salespeople are inherently lazy.  Successful salespeople work smart.  Which one are you?

Activating your Success Charger means you have to do the work.  Scott shares a REAL STORY from one of his past clients and how YOU CAN AVOID THE SAME CRITICAL MISTAKE.  

Do your networking and sales efforts build connections, or just grow your business card collection?

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