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Success Charger is home to you, the independent-minded; square peg in a round hole; success-driven; outside-the-box thinker/leader who is hard-wired to generate results from any opportunity without being shorted out by darn near anything that gets in your way. If this sounds like you, then this Podcast will offer concepts, ideas, interviews and inspiration so you can: * Become a sought-after resource within your industry * (re)Ignite the fire of innovation in your team * Create mind-blowing results that spread like wildfire * Develop driven, productive teams who generate REAL RESULTS NOW * Deliver projects on budget, on time, with top quality results * Host meetings that rock and turn productivity log-jams into inspired jam-sessions * Exhibit rock-solid leadership in all aspects of your life and much, much more! Learn more about the movement and the podcast at
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Aug 25, 2015

In this episode, we dive into the topic of becoming an invaluable resource within your area of expertise as only a Success Charger can!

We discuss:

  • Sales statistics you MUST understand before connecting online
  • How to leverage the online (and offline) connections you already have to increase your status on LinkedIn & other social media platforms
  • The importance of responding promptly to connection requests, and
  • How to build your status online AFTER to get CONNECTED.

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Aug 18, 2015

Your definition of "team" may be limited the reach of your impact and ability to deliver sustainable, profitable results in your business.  

Whether you see yourself in a sales role or not, we are ALL in sales.  Selling our expertise - whether as a tangible product or intangible ideas & deliverables.


Learn how shifting your mindset can raise your value within your organization and generate success!

Aug 14, 2015

Average salespeople are inherently lazy.  Successful salespeople work smart.  Which one are you?

Activating your Success Charger means you have to do the work.  Scott shares a REAL STORY from one of his past clients and how YOU CAN AVOID THE SAME CRITICAL MISTAKE.  

Do your networking and sales efforts build connections, or just grow your business card collection?

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Aug 13, 2015

Welcome to Success Charger!

This Podcast is geared for you...that success-minded, out of the box thinker who is simply wired a little differently than those around you. 

Upcoming epsiodes will include techniques, tips, wisdom, interviews and much more all aimed to help you:

  • Become a sought-after resource within your industry
  • (re)Ignite the fire of innovation in your team
  • Create mind-blowing results that spread like wildfire
  • Develop driven, productive teams who generate REAL RESULTS NOW
  • Deliver projects on budget, on time, with top quality results
  • Host meetings that rock and turn productivity log-jams into inspired jam-sessions
  • Exhibit rock-solid leadership in all aspects of your life

If that sounds good to you, then WELCOME HOME!

Learn more about the podcast, meet our host, Scott Cooksey at

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Aug 12, 2015

Anouncing the arrival of the Success Charger Podcast!

Launching August 2015