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Success Charger is home to you, the independent-minded; square peg in a round hole; success-driven; outside-the-box thinker/leader who is hard-wired to generate results from any opportunity without being shorted out by darn near anything that gets in your way. If this sounds like you, then this Podcast will offer concepts, ideas, interviews and inspiration so you can: * Become a sought-after resource within your industry * (re)Ignite the fire of innovation in your team * Create mind-blowing results that spread like wildfire * Develop driven, productive teams who generate REAL RESULTS NOW * Deliver projects on budget, on time, with top quality results * Host meetings that rock and turn productivity log-jams into inspired jam-sessions * Exhibit rock-solid leadership in all aspects of your life and much, much more! Learn more about the movement and the podcast at
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Feb 23, 2016

Several years ago, while I was presenting for a very challenging client in Chicago, IL, a man with a tremendously addictive smile sat in the back of the room.  At the end of the day, he approached me with great enthusiasm for a successfully facilitated day I had just delivered.  A connection was made...and in this episode, I reconnect with Andy Kaufman, PMP to discuss the art and opportunity of successfully managing projects.

If you think project management is boring...This episode is going to change your mind about projects and project managers.  It is JAM PACKED with solid ideas anyone can use to become more effective at almost anything you do!

In this high-energy episode, we discuss many aspects of projects including:

  • Why you SHOULD talk about risks...and how often,
  • Using the "Two Week Rule" for checkpoints,
  • How projects are influenced by the psychology of pursuasion,
  • Navigating the "Planning Fallacy",
  • Book recommendations and
  • Much, much more....

Andy regularly works with project managers and project teams to maximize their impact during all phases of projects. He is host of the People and Projects Podcast and developer of e-Learning courses for various aspects of projects, including the basics almost ANYONE can benefit from learning. During the interview, he generously offers a discount for listeners of this podcast episode!

To take advantage of Andy's eLearning discount code, you'll find a special link at 

To learn more about Andy Kaufman, check out his website at

Check out all the details about his podcast AND how you can earn continuing education credits for project management at:


Feb 9, 2016

There's an old adage which offers a subtle reminder of just how easy it is to "walk past a dollar to pick up a dime".  If you do not know what your time is worth, this is especially easy to do...all the while thinking you are doing something smart to protect what you've already earned.  

In this episode, Cooksey sheds some light on this simple (and often costly) mistake, and shares FIVE easy to implement rules to establish value on your time, and leverage it to make more income NOW.

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Feb 2, 2016

To earn the rewards, you have to be willing to do the work, but sometimes, it just feels overwhelming. 

In this episode, Scott pays forward a tip shared with him from a trusted colleague that had grossed him THOUSANDS of dollars a year for well-over two decades!

[I tested this idea last week, and saw immediate momentum in the right direction within the first few hours. DO THIS NOW....I explain the entire, simple, two step plan in this week's hard-hitting episode of SuccessCharger! - Scott]