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Success Charger is home to you, the independent-minded; square peg in a round hole; success-driven; outside-the-box thinker/leader who is hard-wired to generate results from any opportunity without being shorted out by darn near anything that gets in your way. If this sounds like you, then this Podcast will offer concepts, ideas, interviews and inspiration so you can: * Become a sought-after resource within your industry * (re)Ignite the fire of innovation in your team * Create mind-blowing results that spread like wildfire * Develop driven, productive teams who generate REAL RESULTS NOW * Deliver projects on budget, on time, with top quality results * Host meetings that rock and turn productivity log-jams into inspired jam-sessions * Exhibit rock-solid leadership in all aspects of your life and much, much more! Learn more about the movement and the podcast at
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Sep 29, 2015

Success Charger Podcast has reached it's 8th episode! That means we have passed the point where a majority of podcasts have already packed it in, given up, and gone home....Not us, we are JUST GETTING STARTED!

QUOTE:  "Seek out and follow thought leaders. Emulate their actions without copying. Your status will rise." - from CONNECT! 77 Idea Chargers to Generate High Voltage Results TODAY!

NOTABLE:  Thanks to YOU, Success Chargers, the show has officially gone GLOBAL! Through last week, we have had hundreds of downloads from over 8 countries...with only 64% of a recent episode downloaded in the United States!

INTERVIEW:  Scott sits down this week with Mike LeJeune for an insightful discussion about Simple Leadership.

STATISTIC:  A global survey commissioned by the American Management Association and conducted by the Human Resources Institute (2013) reports only 3% senior managers suggest their organizations are very successful at executing strategy.  62% say organization is "moderate or worse". [This note corrects the 68% statistic Cooksey quotes during the interview.]

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Sep 22, 2015


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About 10 years ago, Jason Jump had stepped out of a coaching career, and was looking for his next challenge.  In a time before smart phones, he spotted a void in the sports media world that was overlooked and launched a website built to serve the athletes, families, and fans of private & Christian schools in the state of Texas.

A few short years ago, Jason traded his successful digital livelihood based in Houston, Texas, for something unexpected…a community print newspaper in rural Kansas.

Listen in to this incredible interview with a man who loves his family, his community, his life…and his newspaper!  We explore how print news plays such a critical role in sustaining rural communities in the midwestern United States.

Success Chargers like you define success and happiness your OWN way…and Jason shares his story of the satisfaction of making old things new again.

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Sep 15, 2015

Jeremy Bradford, Executive Director of Face2Face Foundation, a Dallas, TX-based foundation leverages technology and offers critically-ill children an opportunity to connect with their guessed it Face2Face.

Hear the story of how it all began, several of the success stories-to-date, and how you can support this amazing foundation.

More importantly, each year NorthTexasGivingDay sweetens the pot for this and nearly 2000 additional non-profits for donations collected via THEIR website. 

Watch an incredible video, learn more about Face2Face and donate at their website,

Participate with North Texas Giving Day (an annual event - at this release, the upcoming date is Sept 17th, 2015 - just two days after this podcast is released!).  Visit for more details. 


TWITTER: TheFace2Face

FACEBOOK: TheFace2FaceFoundation


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Sep 8, 2015

This week's episode extends directly from page 28 of Connect: 77 Idea Chargers to Generate High-Voltage Results TODAY, with a vital reminder:

While it is easy to justify what we do, the most important aspect of our business is to remember WHY we do it!  This quick episode sets it all straight for you, as you step back to remember why you agreed to this crazy business life in the first place.


On a side note, I hope you heard Episode 4's interview with Patrick Allmond from  If you missed it, be sure to grab the download. If you are subscriber to this show, it may already be in your downloads.  Take a listen.  Patrick dubbed it "a podcast so dangerous, the cops showed up"...You will just have to listen. 

Also, please stop by Patrick's podcast homepage for a link and all of the details.

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Sep 1, 2015

In this week's episode, Cooksey checks in with Patrick Allmond ( from the patio outside of a coffee shop in Oklahoma City, OK.

Dubbed "perhaps the worlds most DANGEROUS podcast episode", Patrick and Scott dive into the one habit that stops so many people in their tracks when it comes to their pursuit of success - DOING NOTHING.  

Patrick is the Founder of (a collaborative site designed for independent-minded people like YOU).  He also regularly posts shows to his YouTube Channels- you should subscribe!  Also, you can find him on a number of social media platforms, especially "the Twitter" @PatrickAllmond

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