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May 24, 2016

Television media exposure is an instant credibility-builder for your business.  Why else would so many people compete so hard just get their idea showcased on Shark Tank...even when they DON'T do a deal with one of the sharks?!

Well for most of you, Shark Tank isn't exactly the golden ticket for your own business, yet television can still work wonders for you, too.  This week's interview features NYC-based media expert Jess Todtfeld who joins on the program to share what YOU can do right now and start gaining the exposure your business needs.

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May 17, 2016

Lori Harrison will gladly tell you she had no idea in the world she was building a business when she began sharing her story on Facebook to a bunch of her friends.  Today, she and her husband Jeddie Harrison are at the top of their game in a vibrant and successful business build on...well...southern charm and doing what seemed right.

Multi level marketing companies often receive a bad rap.  And while certainly there are some sketchy offerings in the "MLM" space, there ARE in fact several companies that do quite well.  Mary Kay Cosmetics comes to mind as a shining example of proof.  

I'm not here to say MLM is right for you.  It may very well not be.  The story I wanted to bring you, though, is one about authenticity, following your heart, and proof that sticking to your guns can make it possible to build a business...even if you don't realize that's what you are doing. For the entrepreneurial at heart, this is a story about "the dream" others around you cannot see.  The lifestyle you know is possible while others run the rat race.

In recent years, there is a newer player on the scene in Plexus.  Frankly, I didn't know much about who they were until some friends simply shared a "pink drink mix" dumped into a bottle of water while we were at their house.  While we didn't "buy in" as reps, I have to admit, some of the product has found its way into our house, and we use the supplements, too.  But that isn't what this story is about. 

When our friends here in Houston cornered me about someone I went to high school with in Oklahoma over two decades ago, I got more curious.  Turns out, it was in true Success Charger fashion, we booked her for an interview, and are bringing it to you here today!

We'll post a full set of show notes including some of her early YouTube testimonials, some links to her wildly popular Facebook page, and much more at (If you're an early downloader of this show, we may not have all the good stuff rounded up yet, so keep checking back).  In addition, on OUR YouTube page, we'll post the FULL UNCUT INTERVIEW VIDEO (It's about 90 minutes by itself and has a lot of laughs!)


May 10, 2016

Even with many years experience developing leaders, John Verdone was struggling to describe just exactly what he did for a living. That is, until one day, when he happened to catch a certain story unfolding on a PBS-like television show and it all clicked.  

In this interview, John stops by the podcast to share what a study he commissioned uncovered about what makes a great facilitator, when learning really begins for adults, and why everyone should incorporate facilitation skills to build deeper, more meaningful connections with co-workers, clients and in your life. 

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May 3, 2016

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Michael Walsh joins us for this week's episode as the co-founder and CEO of the first company to provide your family a health care coach to help manage the overwhelm of being a caretaker for aging and special needs family members.

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